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Our Newly Constructed Church Building, 1964


November 13, 1955 The first service is held in the Carmel Valley Community Center] where the fledging parish meets and prospers for 10 years, in spite of having to set up and take down all of the ‘church’ things every Sunday, and to unplug the noisy Coke machine.

December 13, 1955Bishop Block, Bishop of the Diocese of California, appoints the first Bishop’s Committee and gives the name,Saint Dunstan‘s,to the new Mission, because Dunstan was an illuminator, musician and silversmith-jewelry maker and this area is noted as a center for the arts. It will remain a Mission under the auspices of the Bishop until it is able to financially sustain itself. The Rev William Eastburn is appointed Vicar.

August, 1956
– Three acres of the 1700 acre Holt Cattle Ranch (now the Carmel Valley Ranch Resort) are purchased for $3000 and a Vicarage (clergy residence) on Palisades Drive is purchased.


October 4, 1959
– The Rev. Peter Farmer (at left in 2005 during the 50th Anniversary celebration) is appointed part-time Vicar, sharing his time with All Saint’s Day School until 1962 when he is appointed full time Headmaster and leaves Saint Dunstan’s


August 1, 1962
The Rev. James Brock is appointed Vicar of Saint Dunstan’s sharing his time with Saint Mattias Mission, Seaside.


el Blevens, parishioner and Architect for the new church building and school building, The Rev James Brock and the general contractor review construction plans.


September 9, 1964 – The Rt. Rev., James Pike, Bishop of the Diocese of California, dedicates the new church building , the first phase of construction.

November 3, 1965 – The Rt. Rev. Richard Millard, Suffragan Bishop of California, dedicates the church school building, the second phase of construction.  This addition costs $12,294, for which a loan of $12,000 is obtained.

June, 1966 Construction begins on an on-campus Vicarage at a cost of $27,691, and the old Vicarage is sold for $28,000 cash.

February 21, 1969 – Saint Dunstan’s Mission, now financially able to sustain itself, becomes Saint Dunstan’s Parish and Fr. Brock changes from Vicar (of a Mission) to Rector (of a Parish) and the Vicarage becomes a Rectory.

October 17, 1984 – The 20 year building loan is paid in full,  the mortgage burned and the church building and rectory are rededicated by The Right Reverend Shannon Mallory, first Bishop of the new Diocese of El Camino Real.

1987 – The parish begins its support of Saint Andre’s School in Hinche, Haiti.


December 31, 1989
– The Rev. James Brock retires and the Parish hall is renamed Brock Hall in his honor.


January 1, 1991
– The Rev. Craig Lister becomes the second rector of Saint Dunstan’s

2001 – A Rectory on Robledo Road is purchased.

September 1996 The Rectory on the church grounds, no longer used as a Rectory for the Priest, is remodeled to house the new Saint Dunstan’s Preschool and renamed Weaver House in honor of Emily Weaver whose generosity funded the project.

sm-don-211996 – The Rev. Donald Fuselier, Retired Carmel-By-The-Sea Police Chief, is assigned by the Bishop as Saint Dunstan’s first Permanent Deacon.

1998 – The Rev. Craig Lister is called to a parish in Massachusetts.


 January 10, 1999 – The Rev. C. Jeff Kraemer becomes the third Rector of Saint Dunstan’s.


May 22, 2005 – Current and former Rectors & Deacons, plus Bishop Richard Millard, Retired, Suffragan Bishop when Saint Dunstan’s was formed, gather for the 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Carmel Valley Community Center, where it all began.


2005– Members of the Parish and Vestry approve the Master Plan for expanding and upgrading the church buildings and campus, including the design of a Memorial Bell and Tower, and obtaining the necessary permits for drilling a well.


Architect's Drawing of the Proposed Church Expansion


February 17, 2007 – The 30′ tall Memorial Bell and Tower are consecrated and dedicated by Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, Third Bishop of the Diocese of El Camino Real, as a memorial to Dorothy Clarke, Dorothy Roberts and in loving memory of deceased members of the parish.

2006 The Rectory on Robledo Road is sold and a new Rectory on Virginia Way is purchased.

January 4, 2009 The Rev. C. Jeff Kraemer retires and the future education wing of Saint Dunstan’s School is named the Kraemer Wing in his honor


March 1, 2010 The Rev. Robert W. Fisher, becomes the fourth Rector of Saint Dunstan’s.

October, 2011 – The Rev. Donald Fuselier, Saint Dunstan’s first Permanent Deacon since 1996, is re-assigned by the Bishop to Saint Marks, King City.

Front_2Saint Dunstan’s Church,  2010

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