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St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church is a small, vibrant, loving, welcoming community in Carmel Valley, CA.   Here music is an important part of worship.

We have been discovering we can regularly make beautiful musical offerings we once thought impossible in a small parish.

Further, we have taken a dream of a pipe organ, held long by several members,  to the next level and have sought a feasibility  analysis.  We contacted, as recommended,   some of the finest craftsmen of pipe organ building in the world.  We have been overjoyed to learn that a beautiful small tracker pipe organ could indeed be designed, crafted, and incorporated into our intimate place of worship.

A donation was given by one of our members for the purpose of commissioning a small, mechanical (tracker key)  action pipe organ.  Congregational and clergy dialogue with the organ builder consultants helped lay the groundwork for turning the dream or idea into physical reality.

We believe that incorporating this organ into our parish life will help us meet our goals for worship which are twofold:

  1. The encouragement of the singing of hymns, songs,  and anthems by this organ providing accompaniment clarity and support with a natural wind tone and vibration at a pleasant volume.
  2. Expressing the text, highlighting it with tonal beauty and blend and variety. The organ can, on one hand, portray the majesty of God, and on the other hand, express sorrow, joy, love, quiet faith, assurance, and God’s peace.

For the church mission, this organ can enhance efforts for outreach and evangelism in several ways:

  1. Family hospitality:  A creation of a place that becomes a destination for the “joining of lives” and also for the “departing from this life”, each ceremony offering a chance for us to express our faith in ways that speak to all people.
  2. Artistic beauty as a gift to God and neighbors and, also, as an expression of faith.
  3. Industry through craftsmanship as an example of faith, steadfastness, humility, patience, and love.
  4. Community hospitality: A venue for small to medium choral, instrumental, and organ concerts, particularly for students, and also for local music festivals, an act of tremendous community goodwill.  Imagining a concert of  viole de gamba or flute or recorder with the organ warms the heart.
  5. Meditation and inspiration from the worship service organ prelude, communion voluntary, postlude and from organ recitals.
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